Head's Red BBQ Catering Menu


Head’s Pepper Bombs - Jalapeno peppers halved and filled with cream
cheese & pulled pork,wrapped in bacon and slow smoked over a wood fire.

Head’s Pork Belly Bites – Farm raised pork belly seasoned and slow cooked over a cherry wood fire and finished with a sweet maple syrup glaze and cut into bite size pieces.

Head’s Wings – Wings are rubbed in a mild or spicy seasoning and grilled over a cherry wood fire then tossed in your choice of our award winning sweet & tangy BBQ sauce or a hot sauce/butter mix.

Head’s Tip’s – Rib tips cut from the spare rib, hand rubbed, and slow cooked over a hickory fire until tender then doused in our award winning sweet & tangy bbq sauce. A Chicago South Side favorite

Head’s Pulled Lamb Sliders – Tender domestic lamb shoulder seasoned with our special Greek seasoning and slow cooked over an oak fire, pulled into chunks, topped with Head's special Greek red sauce or red pepper/feta sauce then served on a mini bun.

Head’s Award Winning BBQ

Beef Brisket – choice beef brisket rubbed with Texas style seasonings and slow cooked over an oak fire.

Ribs - Your choice of St Louis cut or baby back ribs rubbed with a sweet & salty seasoning and slowed cooked over an applewood/hickory fire then glazed with our award winning sweet & tangy BBQ sauce.

Pulled Pork – tender pork shoulder rubbed with a sweet/salty seasoning then slow cooked over a hickory fire then hand pulled.

Chicken – half chickens rubbed and cooked over a cherry wood fire and then cut into quarters.

Whole Hog – slow cooked over hickory and cherry wood. Perfect for large parties

*All items include Head’s Red Sweet & Tangy BBQ Sauce. Mr Gee’s Jalapeno Sauce included with chicken items. Buns included with pulled pork & brisket

Get Your Greek On

Kontosouvli – A Cyprus favorite - Tender chunks of pork butt cut into fist size pieces , lightly seasoned, cooked rotisserie style then doused with our Greek Mojo sauce or Onion sauce . Served with pita and home made tzatziki.

Denver Lamb Ribs - Domestic lamb rib racks hand rubbed with Head’s special Greek seasoning blend then slow cooked over an applewood fire.

Greek Chicken – Half chickens with Head’s special Greek seasoning blend and grilled over an applewood fire and basted with Greek Mojo sauce .

Sheftalia - a Cyprus style sausage - a mix of ground pork & beef with spices hand rolled and wrapped in lamb caul fat then grilled . Served with pita and home made tzatziki.

Loukaniko - our own home made traditional Greek pork sausage with a hint of orange.

Whole Lamb – cooked rotisserie style. Perfect for larger parties

All items come with Greek Mojo Sauce, Pita, and home madeTzatziki


Bubba’s Corn Bread – moist and slight sweet, this cornbread goes great with any of the Award Winning BBQ items.Your choice with or without jalapeno peppers.

Head’s Cheesy Potatoes – our take on traditional scalloped potatoes. Yukon Gold potatoes loaded with smoked gouda & cheddar cheese , and topped with panko crumbs.

Head’s Baked Beans - New England inspired baked beans slow simmered and hit with a touch of smoke and our award winning sweet & tangy BBQ sauce. We also offer a hot & spicy version as well.

Smoked Green Bean Casserole - French cut green beans in mushroom sauce with bacon and sweet onions. Smoked and topped with french fried onions.

Head's Spicy Creamed Corn - our take on the creamed corn classic by Rudys BBQ In San Antonio. We spice ours up with imported Alleppo peppers to give this dish a bit of heat

Coleslaw – creamy style coleslaw Goes great on top of pulled pork .

Potato Salad - your choice of Greek or American style

Head’s Greek Spuds – Yukon Gold potatoes roasted with chicken broth and hit with our own special blend of Greek seasonings and lemon.

Buttermilk Pie – perfect ending to a BBQ.

Buttermilk Bites - just like the pie only in bite size filo cups

Baklava Bites - Greek style Baklava in bite size filo cups

We also proudly offer Gails Brownies as a dessert option







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